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I’m a Political Chicken… sometimes… August 8, 2013

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MamaGirl says…

For those of you who only know me through the blog, I probably seem like an average, boring, stay-at-home-housewife. For those of you that know me through Facebook or, dare I say it, “real” life, you know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I save my political rants for Facebook, and dole out the boring Mommy blog stuff on here. But the thing is, I’m very political. In fact, I’m a Liberal, feminist activist. I’m outspoken on many topics from women’s health rights to racism to welfare. I’m not afraid to jump into a conversation and piss a few people off… until it comes to the blog, then I’m a big ole chicken.

I think it has something to do with the fact that I not only know my Facebook friends, but I also have a “real friends” list, which filters who actually sees my posts. It’s a beautiful thing, really. And it permits me to be selective in who I share my thoughts with, without having to deny all of the friend requests from people I went to high school with. Because, as we all know, those faces that I haven’t laid eyes on in twenty years just can’t wait to see what all I’ve been up to! Nor can I deny them that voyeurism, as I, too, am nosy as all hell.

And I can get pretty voracious with my rants. I’ve had people un-friend me and block me. Of course, it won’t tell me who they are, so I only discover it months later when I suddenly think, “I haven’t seen anything posted by this person in a while.” And of course, by then, it’s just too late to care. Not that I necessarily would anyway, but you get the drift.

However, in case y’all haven’t noticed, some of the people on Facebook are… how should I put this… well, stupid. Even some of those on my “real friends” list are lacking in the smarts department. (I ain’t judging, I’m just telling the truth!)

But the thing is, on the blog, you open yourself up to a whole bunch of strangers. Strangers that don’t you, don’t know your sense of humor or how you live your life. And let’s face it folks, there’s a whole bunch of assholes out there. I know that eventually someone is going to bash me for my politics, they’re going to say mean, untrue things to me because the anonymity of the internet allows them that privilege. But you know, I have been known to tell a person to fuck off once or thirty times. So, I’m thinking that maybe we’ll just roll the dice and see what happens.  And I’ll write about something that matters, to me, at least. Don’t get me wrong, my kids are lovely and quite the entertaining pair, but really, if that’s what you’re looking for, there’s better Mommy blogs out there.

So, buckle up, buttercups! We’re about to get down and dirty around here. It’s okay if you don’t like it, you don’t have to, there’s an “unfollow” button around here somewhere. If you need to click it, I’ll understand.

Now, bring on the racism, classism, and sexism. Mama’s packing a lunch, ’cause kids, it’s a war out there.


I am the worst blogger EVER! July 25, 2013

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MamaGirl says…

I am the worst blogger EVER! I thought I was going to get back into it this summer, while I was going to have all of this “down time.” And although there has been a good bit of down time, there just hasn’t been a lot of blogging going on. There’s been plenty of stuff to share my opinion about, no doubt. And we’ve even had a few great adventures this summer, but the blogging just hasn’t been happening for me. The few times that I’ve tried, the words just haven’t worked out so much. It is what it is, I guess.

So, now it’s been two months since my last post… yeah, I know, I’m pathetic. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to write about, we’ve done all sorts of stuff this summer. I’m just super crappy at making myself sit down and write about it.

So, here’s a quick run-down: The day after the kids got out of school, we all took off for Atlanta. We dropped them off at my parents house and headed on in to the city for a weekend of partying and celebrating Hubbo’s 40th birthday. (I swear, I’ll try to write a post about it. It was a really great party). Then, at the end of that weekend, Hubbo and I took off for 6 days in south Florida. During which, the kids had their own beach vacay with their grandparents. Then, everyone reconvened back home and we spent a week or so trying to recover from all the fun we had on our vacations. There was some bike riding, but mostly we just lazied-out and played video games. Then, the kids took off, back to their grandparents, for what was supposed to be another two weeks. However, that trip was cut short by a few days so that we could fit in some camping trips. And now, we’re all back home again, trying to enjoy the few, short weeks of summer that are left.

We’re going to try to work in one more camping trip, and some hikes and bike rides. But before we know it, it’s going to be back to setting the alarms every night, back to schedules and routines, back to real life.

Summer is so sweet and so short. I love to wallow in it and enjoy every hot, sweaty moment. In fact, I like it so much, I haven’t even turned on the AC this year! (Actually, it hasn’t really stopped raining long enough to turn on the AC, but we can say it’s because I like the heat.)

So, there’s the run down on what we’ve been up to. Not too terribly exciting, but fun nonetheless. Maybe after I get this house cleaned up, I’ll sit down and write that post about Hubbo’s birthday. But don’t hold your breath, it’s just as likely that I’ll sit right back down and play a video game. Y’all hang tight. I’ll see ya when I see ya.


Walk A Mile 2013 May 20, 2013

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MamaGirl says…

Today’s post is about something that happened a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn’t back in the blog-o-sphere yet, a few weeks ago, so you get to hear about it now instead! It’s actually a really cool thing that is totally worth hearing about past-tense.

On April 27th, Our Voice sponsored Walk-A-Mile Asheville 2013.

They got cool swag for raising over $100!

They got cool swag for raising over $100!

Walk-A-Mile is an event in which men wear high heels and walk a mile through downtown Asheville. The men who are participating raise funds from sponsors and, by walking, help raise awareness about violence against women.

From the moment that I mentioned it to Hubbo, he thought it was a great idea, and since it would also be hilarious, he was totally into doing it. I created him a fundraising webpage and we started recruiting funds from friends and employers.

After hearing us talk about it for a few weeks, A-Man decided that maybe he would be interested in participating too. He wasn’t as easy to convince, though. His biggest worry was that someone from school would see him and later make fun of him for it. But when I explained to him that in order for someone to see him, they would also have to be there, he warmed up to the idea a little bit. In fact, as it turned out, he wasn’t the only guy from his school who was there that morning, and all of them were participating. Middle-school-aged boys, dressed in fabulous heels, are amazing! (Okay, any man dressed in fabulous heels is amazing.)


Although it was dreary when we woke up that Saturday morning, the rain graciously held off until after the event. The crowd was impressive. Some of the most amazing heels ever seen outside of a drag show were on display. Together, my guys raised over $200 for Walk-A-Mile and Our Voice. And collectively, over $37,000 was raised for the event!

I was proud of my guys for standing up for a cause that is so dear to my heart. Most of their friends wouldn’t have participated. And if I hadn’t been so gung-ho about the whole thing, they likely wouldn’t have participated either. But they did. For me. They put on women’s heels and walked a mile through downtown Asheville, because it meant something to me. What more could a Mom ask for, really?

And in doing so, they reaffirmed their belief in equality, for women and for all people. They stood up against violence and the pressures of society that perpetuate violence. They raised their activist voices, and placed themselves in the position of the male-feminist. They are male feminists. I’m raising them well. A-Man and I had the opportunity for such conversations as enthusiastic consent and the perpetuation of violence by men.

We had a blast doing it, and when they crossed the finish line, they were both smiling! We can’t wait to do it again next year! And Hubbo says that next year, he’s getting some Hot-Mama shoes! Y’all know you don’t want to miss that!


She’s baaaaaack! May 15, 2013

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Has it really been nine months since I last posted on the blog? The ingenious little tracker thingy that keeps up with such irrelevant (ha,ha! but I just found the relevance, didn’t I?), mundane things says that it has. It doesn’t feel like nine months….

Those of you who know me in real life (whatever that is) know that I have been spending the past nine months deep in the recesses of the local University’s Sociology department and absorbing all that I can of all things feminist. As always, it was a heartily enlightening and educating nine months, but it’s nice to take some time off, greet the warm days of Summer with open arms, upset some earthworms by dragging a hoe through their home, and generally experience life with no schedule and on an as-I-want basis.

I am happy to tell you all that as of the close of the semester, I am now officially a Senior. I’m double-majoring (because it’ll make me more “marketable” <eye roll>), so I still have three more semesters to go, but there is an end in sight and that means that there may still be some slim ray of hope for my sanity as well.

I can’t wait to tell you all about what’s been going on in my life and, as always, share my ever so valuable opinion on all things parenting, pop culture, and feminism. Hell, who knows, maybe this time I’ll keep the blog going for more than a summer. But don’t hold your breath on that. My CPR training has expired.


September 5, 2012

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Mamagirl says…

I haven’t abandoned y’all, I swear! I’m just too damn busy to finish a blog post! I’m too busy to start one. I’ve started 3 or 4 different posts over the past week and gotten half or three-quarters of them written and then gotten busy doing something else.

I wrote one about starting back to school. I wrote one about how busy I am. There was one about a guy sleeping in the library and even one about the flat tire that I got Friday morning before we left for Atlanta. And there’s one in my head about the various fashion choices happening on campus. But I didn’t finish any of them.

I’m sorry guys. I’ll try to do better. Maybe instead of starting 4 different posts, I’ll just try to finish one post! And I haven’t been by your blog lately to read up on all of the fascinating things happening in your lives, don’t worry. I’ll be by again soon… or after grad school ends…


I’m a worrier August 25, 2012

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Mamagirl says…

Remember this guy? Maybe he was a major influence…

I’m a worry wart. I worry about everything. No seriously, everything. I worry about whether or not my kids are having a good day at school (especially if our morning didn’t go so well). I worry about money (who doesn’t?). I worry about the economy, and for the past several months I’ve been exceedingly worried about the decline of women’s reproductive rights. I worry about my gay friends and whether or not they will have the same rights that I have. I worry about the decisions that we are collectively making to put people into office who clearly do not represent us. I worry about my grades. I worry about the impression that I make on my teachers. I worry about my friends and the things going on in their lives. I worry about their children. I worry about my Mama’s broken ankle and whether or not it’s going to heal well.  I worry about what other people think. And then, I worry about the fact that I even allowed someone else’s impression into my mind. Are we clear? I worry. A lot.




Sometimes, my worrying makes me angry. Example: I see a dangerous situation on the road and I


start to get worried about the people who might get in a wreck. Then, I get mad that I have to be worried about these people that I don’t know because some other jackass, that I don’t know, is being dangerous. That’s not my damn responsibility! I do realize that my worrying has no effect whatsoever on anyone other than me. Whether I worry about it or not, those people on the road either are going to get in a wreck or they’re not. My worrying is not going to stop the wreck from happening. Neither are the cuss words that I am undoubtedly slinging through the windshield.

So, it seems that the practical answer to this conundrum would be to stop worrying about strangers in cars on the interstate, right? I can’t. I’ve tried. Really, I have. I just can’t. Somehow it makes me feel less human. Like I don’t have a heart. Like maybe if I just worry hard enough, or cuss them out enough, they’ll figure out that they’re all a bunch of jackasses anyway and settle down and act right. Do I really believe that my worrying will ever have that type of tangible positive effect? Of course not. I’m not delusional. But I just can’t be one of those people. I know that they are out there. People who truly don’t care about anyone other than themselves. I’ve met them. You’ve met them. They do exist.

Easier said than done, but who can argue with Abe Lincoln?



I can’t be that. I do care about people, and therefore I worry about them, whether I know them or not. True, it isn’t the healthiest of habits to have. But if a stressful tummy keeps me feeling more human, then I guess it’s a fair trade. Don’t you think?


School Daze August 20, 2012

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MamaGirl says…

I haven’t forgotten about you, dear readers, I promise! It’s been a busy week around here. Yes, I know it’s Monday, I mean last week was busy – that’s why no new blog post.

Both of the kids started back to school last Wednesday. They both had a great first day and reported

I’m such a nerd. I LOVE school.

that they liked their teachers. A-Man re-thought his stance when he found out how uber-organized his Science teacher is (and expects her students to be).

For most of last week, I slept between the hours of 1am and 6am – only. I tell you, coffee is a hell of a drug. Then today, I started back to school. Part of the reason that I haven’t been able to write a post is because I’ve been keeping myself busy to avoid the anxiety that I was having over going back to school. I’m really not sure why. When I pulled back on to campus today, everything felt as natural as if I’d never left. And I was only gone for the summer – I’m such a dork.

I started the day with Latin I – at 9am. What was I thinking? I had to. Once you become a Junior or higher, your schedule is completely at the mercy of the college. So, 9am Latin class it is. I’m pretty sure that when the instructor was a freshman in high school, I had already failed out of college once. He looks about 28 or 29. He tells us that, in general, absences are NOT allowed. I tell him that I’m 35 years old, with 2 children, and I can almost guarantee that I’ll be absent at least once.

And then 2.5 hours of downtime. I ran some errands on campus, picked up my financial aid check, went to the bank, and still had time to come home and chat with Hubbo for about an hour.

I got a lovely surprise at the bank when I went in to make my deposit.  “Ma’am, did you know that your account is $16 in the negative?” Damn it! How did that happen? Ah well, good thing I was making a deposit, huh? I try hard to keep the account balanced, but you know, every once in a while… it just gets away from me. Anyway… that was a fun little episode of TMI about my finances.

Then it was back to campus for Survey & Social Research Methods and Feminist Theory. I’m already a little in love with one of my professors and the other I think I’m going to like a lot. These two, and tomorrow’s Sociology of Gender class, I’m really excited about. These are my major classes. They’re where I really get comfortable and open and willing to talk to a classroom full of what I can fairly consider “young people” about what life is really like, and why.

Tonight, I’ve already been reading up on Feminist Theory and I can’t WAIT to really get into the meat and potatoes of this class! I feel certain that you all will be subjected to my feminist rants sometime in the near future (I’ve been sparing you up until now). I try not to bring politics to my blog. I feel like this should be a safe space where there is no fighting and bickering over political arguments. After all, that’s what Facebook is for. But you may very well be much more educated on Social Issues and Feminism by the time my semester is over. Lucky you, huh?

I can’t imagine that any of you are as a big of a nerd as I am, so I’ll try to keep it to a minimum, but there are some things that I feel everyone should know, and those I’ll be forced to share. For tonight, I’ll just leave you with a quote that I found today:

“Masses of people think that feminism is always and only about women seeking to be equal with men. And a huge majority of these folks think feminism is anti-male. Their misunderstanding of feminist politics reflects the reality that most folks learn about feminism through patriarchal mass media.”  – bell hooks 


Sharpen up your reasoning skills August 12, 2012

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MamaGirl says…

I may not be the brightest Crayon in the box, but I’m no dummy either. And luckily for them, both of my children take after me in that aspect. Unluckily for me however, is the fact that both of my children take after me in that aspect.

The big one is almost 12, and he’s getting pretty darn good at reasoning and logic. I can’t deny it. The other day, Mags was getting in trouble for something, now I don’t remember what, probably being mean to her brother. And I was in the middle of yelling up the stairs that she better not come out of her room again until I said so, and since I was on a yelling roll and he happened to be the next target in my line of sight, I turned to A-Man and yelled at him too, to go get himself dressed or something else equally ridiculous that he didn’t deserve to be yelled at about, when he hits me with:

“Just because you’re pissed off with Mags doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me.”

I tell you, readers, it stopped me dead in my tracks. I turned, and looked at him. And then, I couldn’t help it, a smile cracked across my face. He got me. He was absolutely right. I wasn’t even mad with him. I was just on a roll yelling. I smiled. He smiled. And as he passed by me, on his way to go do what I told him too anyway (he really is a good kid), I swatted him lightly on the butt and told him not to say “pissed off” to me.

It was a shared moment. He got me, and he knew it, and I knew it too. And all I could do was smile. He out-reasoned me. He defeated my moment of anger with logic. And damn it, I was proud of him. Way to go, kiddo. That’s exactly what I want him to learn, even though I’m not always sure that I’m capable of teaching it to him. You combat anger with logic. You combat frustration with reasoning. It’ll damn sure take down Mom in a quick minute.

Do I want him to employ this new-found tool against me regularly? Well, honestly, no. But the truth

Better sharpen those skills!

of the matter is, he’s growing up. He’s learning things about how to handle the world, and the bat-shit crazy inhabitants in it. These are important skills to have.

I’m glad that school’s starting back in a week though, because it looks like I need to sharpen up my reasoning skills.


“Make it shine like the top of the Chrysler building!” August 10, 2012

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MamaGirl says…

“Y’all gone make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here.”

Hey world, guess what? Yep, you guessed it, my children are driving me out of my mind this morning. They cannot manage to get along, no matter what they do. War-Mongering Savages, I tell you! When at last, I reached my limit of the number of times that I was willing to say “Talk nicer to each other. Don’t be so mean,” I decided it was time to put a stop to the bickering and put the kids to work.

At my house, when Mama gets tired of being the referee for their multitudes of screaming matches,

It’s a hard-knock life for them.

it’s time to go to work. They act like I treat them like Annie, but I tell you this, my house don’t “shine like the top of the Chrysler building!” Obviously, I’m not putting this particular “punishment” to use quite enough.

So anyway, when I’d had enough, there was a bellow of, “That’s IT! I’ve heard all of the arguing that I’m going to hear! Turn off that game and get to work!”

The little one burst into tears at the prospect of having to clean up her own mess. The big one attempted to reason with me, but seeing as the logic of “Yes, you really do have to help keep the house clean, you do live here after all,” was on my side, he ended up defeated in his reasoning attempt and flopped down, angrily, on his bed. So, we had to get over the insult of actually being expected to do something before we could start on the work. BUT, 45 minutes later, and my living room is in much better shape than it started.

Mom – 1

Kids – 0


Live Housecleaning Coverage August 8, 2012

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MamaGirl says…

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Housecleaning semi-finals! Today, we watch MamaGirl take on Kitchen for a chance to clean for Gold! Having worked her way through the brackets, defeating Bedroom and Bathroom, today she cleans for a chance to face off against the World Record Holding Messes – Living Room and Dining Room.

And these are no slacker messes, folks! Living Room holds the current World Record and Dining Room is the reigning Olympic Champion! To be sure, we can expect a fight to the finish from these fierce competitors who will be defending their titles!

Yes, but amazingly, MamaGirl is competing in not one, but two event finals simultaneously! While making such miraculous gains in the Housecleaning competition, she has also worked her way through the brackets of the Laundry competition! Currently, she is in position to possibly win Gold in BOTH event finals – a feat that has yet to be achieved by any Olympian in history, including Michael Phelps.

Live Housecleaning coverage begins right after these messages from our sponsors…


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