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I guess we’ll see how it goes… May 12, 2010

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MamaGirl says…

My mother thinks I should write a blog. She thinks that my posts on FaceBook are hilarious. I think my life is pretty damn hilarious too, so after much debate (mostly, within myself) I’ve decided to give it a go and see what happens. I am a 32-year-old mother of two, a part-time Salon Coordinator, a beginning gardener and a general observer of the world. I don’t know much about any one subject, but do tend to have an opinion on just about anything that I’m presented with.  I don’t subscribe to any particular religion, political party or  child-rearing technique. I tend to just “go with the flow” and see how it all turns out. I make choices based on what is best for my children and my family. I’m not a hippie, an organic-freak, a home-schooler… not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not me. Frankly, right now, my only agenda is raising my kids day by day, moment by moment. I give my kids hot dogs, let them play video games & watch TV, they have toy guns and swords (No. They don’t look real) and probably a ton of other things that someone, somewhere isn’t going to agree with. That’s fine. Skip on to the next blog.

What you may like is that as with everything I do, I am honest to a fault and nothing if not real. I don’t sugar-coat very many things. A friend recently told me, “I sure wish I could have you call up the cable company and tell them off for me.” I’m that girl. I try to tell it like it is and make it a conscious point in my life to not take crap from other people. I have been described as a strong, confident woman and in some ways, I suppose I am. However, I often find myself unsure on a lot of things. I am regularly surprised by the fact that I am 32 years old. In my head, I’m still sixteen (okay, maybe twenty-one). The two children hanging off of me remind me that I am, in fact, an adult. So most of the time, I am attempting to walk a very fine line between the kid I am in my head and the adult that I am forced to be by the natural aging process. At times, the tight-rope gets blurry and I am somewhat prone to falling off, on either side depending on the situation.

So… I guess that’s me. Or at least as much of me as you’re going to get right now.  =)


2 Responses to “I guess we’ll see how it goes…”

  1. Amanda Coleman Says:

    I am glad that I am not the only one that sees myself as 16 (or 21) and struggles with being an adult. My drivers license says I’m 33, but I often don’t believe it!

  2. This is a great start! Can’t wait to see how it goes! …or can I?

    This post would be really good to copy and put on your “About” page.

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