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A quick run down on the Family hierarchy. May 13, 2010

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I’ve decided not to use real names in my blog. We like our privacy you see. So in order for you to know who I’m talking about, here’s the Family Hierarchy, as you need to know it. If someone else joins the party, I’ll put their name on the roster.

  • MamaGirl – that’s me (may sometimes be known as the Princess of Quite Alot)
  • Daddy – my Hubby (may sometimes be known as Mr. Cool – please note that this generally indicates sarcasm)

We often refer to the kids by their Wild Indian names:

  • A-man – my 9 year old son (Boy with Attitude)
  • Mags – my 3 year old daughter (Little Screams Alot)

Other major players:

  • Nana – my mother (may be referred to the Queen of Everything)
  • BeeBop – my dad (we just call him BeeBop)

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle (did I mention I’m a dork?)


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