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Are you more stubborn than a 3 yr. old? May 13, 2010

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MamaGirl says…

My three-year old, who is currently channeling her alter-ego – Princess BitchyBritches, is laying on the couch screaming and crying because I won’t get her a banana. Before you get your panties all in a wad about me starving a three-year old and being a cruel mom, let me just say that the banana in question is on the coffee table, right in front of her. However, she can’t reach it from her reclined position without actually moving and therefore wants me to get up from my chair (where I am clearly writing important crap), walk over there and hand her the banana that is just out of the reach of her finger-tips. Am I going to get up and get her the banana. Hell no. Is this going to turn into a war of wills between my stubborn three-year old and her “Girl, you ain’t no more stubborn than I am and I got thirty years on you” Mama. All signs point that way.

This is my morning. Welcome to it. We do this almost every morning, in one fashion or another. This morning it’s “I can’t reach my banana.” Yesterday, it was “But I don’t want the food that I asked for!” It’s always something. She’s too much like me… lazy, stubborn and fiercely argumentative. I’m so proud.

Oh, now she’s moved on to something else. She just called me upstairs to help her find some shorts. I let her dress herself for the most part. As long as what she’s wearing is weather-appropriate, I could care less if it matches. It’s just not worth fighting over. Who cares if she wants to wear her Abby Cadabby costume to the grocery store? Do we give a flip what the people at the grocery store think? Nope. Sure don’t. And besides, if you can’t look at a child dressed in green leggings, bright pink shorts and three different shirts, none of which match the shorts OR leggings and figure out that she dressed herself, then you’re a freaking idiot. I don’t have time for freaking idiots. Or what they think. By the way, everyone is a freaking idiot (at least, that’s how I automatically categorize anyone looking at us funny.)

So, the storm has now passed. The clouds are parting. The wind is dying down. She’s eating the banana. She’s watching Dora (thankyou baby Jebus for Dora). She’s content…. for a second. It’s only a matter of minutes until the next random meltdown over the next random, ridiculous thing. I’m going to enjoy it until the sky darkens again and the screaming rain starts falling. Oh, but why can’t I be a three-year old? No one ever takes my crazy, screaming rants as just another part of the day and accepts that it’s just part of who I am and that it’ll be okay again in just a minute. Okay, maybe that’s an unfair statement. If you asked my husband and coworkers, they’d probably tell you that I’m delusional and that that’s exactly what they have to put up with. But we’re not asking those bitches, now are we?

Disclaimer: I talk smack. I talk smack about people that I love because I know they can take it. I don’t really call all of my coworkers bitches (just some of them). And besides, most of them are very much like me in that they recognize their inner bitch, embrace her and let her fly whenever necessary.


4 Responses to “Are you more stubborn than a 3 yr. old?”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Ohhh, how I can totally relate to THIS post. Why just this morning I threw some clothes to my four year old because she said, “this dress just isn’t working for me anymore can you please find something else for me to wear” only to come in to find her wearing a different top. I asked her why she didn’t wear the top I picked out (white) and she said, “well I looked in the mirror and I just couldn’t.” I laughed and out we headed to the movies with her friend wearing a glow in the dark skull shirt/bright orange shorts and her wearing pastel stripped shorts/a hot pink shirt with bright yellow butterflies on it with orange flip flops. I thought they were the best dressed kids there! I’d have dressed the same way but grown up clothes are just sooooo boring! 🙂

  2. Amy Says:

    Mags is so funny, teaching your children to be independent is hard but well worth it. It never stops too, my 13 year old Boy and I still have battles over what Mommy isn’t going to do for him anymore and that he can do himself.

    I’m glad you let her wear what she wants to the grocery store…. I do, it’s very liberating.

    • Amy – I did a quick edit on your post (ie: Mags). Hope that’s okay.

      It is an ongoing battle with my 9 yr old as well. So I guess it spans all ages of children. He still looks at me like I’m an alien when I tell him to fix his own drink. Ah well…

      And about the grocery store. It’s not like there’s anyone there dressed any BETTER than we are. We’re not the only ones dressed crazy. =)

      • Bess Says:

        I went to the [where you live] Ingles dressed as a super hero once and no one batted an eye…I’m pretty sure that Mags is safe from the eyes of judgment there! She is a pretty spectacular little fashionista, if they’re lookin’ its ’cause they’re jealous!

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