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Back In The Saddle Again? We’ll see… June 26, 2012

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MamaGirl says…

It’s summer time. I’m out of school, the kids are out of school. We’re all bored, sitting around the house all day. So, for a couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about maybe starting up the blog again. How much of a coincidence is it that I’m actually starting it up again on the day before my 35th birthday?? Shhh…. no need to go into all of that right now.

Where are we now?

Pretty much in the same place that we were two years ago (when I got too busy to continue this blog), except two years older.

Instead of starting preschool, Mags is going into first grade. (Kindergarten was the best ever!)

Instead of finishing up Elementary School, A-Man is going into his second year of Middle School, which he is rocking.

And instead of being at the Community College down the street, Mama is now at the University across town.

Hubbo maintains his position as Vet. Tech Extraordinaire and Professional Family-Man.

At this moment:

Mags is screaming from time-out, “I just want to get out!” No mention of the fact that she’s in time-out for slapping her brother. (I haven’t yet deduced exactly why she slapped her brother). Which, although she has matured distinctly in her arguing capabilities, really isn’t all that different from the antics that she was up to two years ago.

A-Man is in the kitchen, waiting for his pancakes and complaining only perfunctorily about being slapped. He’s really starting to mature into a teenager these days. Used to, he would have been yelling at the top of his lungs about the injustice of not being able to slap back, whereas now, he finally understands that he can’t retaliate against someone half his size (well, most of the time he understands…)

Hubbo is making brunch in the kitchen and refereeing the slap/argument/punishment while I attempt to create a sentence or two that might serve to inspire me into taking up my writing again, in an effort to do something other than parental or academic…

Yep. Not much has changed in two years, while everything is yet so different. We’ll see how it goes….


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