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Skinny Dip Falls July 2, 2012

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MamaGirl says….

Haha! Made you look! The name of the place that we went exploring today is called Skinny Dip Falls, but that’s probably as racy as this post is gonna get. Sorry, guys. Since Hubbo works Friday nights and I work on Saturdays – Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are our family’s weekend. So in continuing on our summer mission to get out of the house and enjoy the world around us, today we set off on the Blue Ridge Parkway to explore a new place. At mile marker 417 on the Parkway is the overlook for Looking Glass Rock. The elevation is almost 4500 ft. and the views are spectacular. However, if you cross the Parkway and follow the path downhill for 1.25 miles, you come out at Skinny Dip Falls. While the trail is rough and rocky, it’s not difficult and many, many children did it today while we were there. The only downer is that while it’s downhill all the way there, that means it’s uphill all the way back, but still it wasn’t bad.

So after a short hike, the woods suddenly opened up right in front of the falls. A bridge crosses the pool right next to the falls and there are several other pools for wading in. There’s also a big rock that juts out directly in front of the falls that is excellent for jumping off of into the pool. A-Man couldn’t wait to get to that rock. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with his fearlessness in jumping off. He didn’t hesitate at all. And then he did it about 20 more times.  Of course, it worried the hell out of me. I just knew that he was going to slip and bash his brains in, half an hour away from a hospital.

In truth, we probably weren’t that far from a hospital and there was probably never any real danger of him bashing his brains in, but I’m a worrier and I always go ahead and try to prepare for the worst thing that could possibly happen. But I used restraint and instead of yelling “Don’t bash brains in!” I just said “Be careful. Don’t slip.” Eventually, Hubbo told me to leave the boy alone and let him have fun. I guess he didn’t know that I was holding back “Don’t bash your brains in half an hour from a hospital!” every single time.

Anyway, we hung out and played, A-Man jumped off of the rock over and over, for about 2.5 hours and then it was time to trek it back home. But we can now check off a new place that we’ve explored and I’m sure that we’ll go back to again. We’ve had another fun, family adventure that we can remember together. We didn’t spend our day playing video games (or even blogging) and no housework got done. Instead, we laughed together and came home tired and satisfied from another day spent enjoying each other and our world. It’s a good thing, that I don’t get enough of most of the time. So, I’m going to take a few minutes to just sit here and soak it up. And then it’s back to regular life.


2 Responses to “Skinny Dip Falls”

  1. Julie Says:

    What a fun place to go with your family. I love how the falls magically appear. I would love to take my kids to a place like that. In fact, we are currently deciding on a day trip to either the swimming pool or nature. Nature looks SO much better! Good job on restraining your worries for your son. I know how adventurous kids can be.

    Thanks for the share.


    • Thanks for the comment! My kids have seemed to prefer going to the river to swim this year, so I haven’t really mentioned going to the pool much. Besides, the river is free! Hope you & your kids have a great time, whichever you choose.

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