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Birthday Princess July 10, 2012

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MamaGirl says…

On Sunday, we had Mags’ 6th birthday party. We had it at a park that provided a pavilion and a playground. Covered shelter for adults, sweltering hot playground for the kids. They loved it. They were all bright red (from the heat, not sunburn) and dripping sweat, but they loved it. We had cake and ice cream and a pinata. Some parents around here don’t believe in pinata’s. They believe that it encourages violence. Personally, I think it’s good for kids to demolish, and sometimes even beat the hell out of, things that won’t do any real harm. And besides, I stuffed that purple, crepe paper unicorn full of candy and I wanted them to beat the thing until he gave up every single piece of it! But you know, that’s just me, you can not let your kids have pinata’s if you want… but I’m telling you, these kids had a great time beating the snot out of the thing!

Although she got a lot of gifts for her birthday, including a six-year-old sized, “real” guitar (meaning there are no Disney princesses printed on it and it came from an actual music store) and an MP3 player (because she had all but taken over mine), the gift that she got most excited about was… shoes. Somehow, even though I pride myself on being very anti-girly (no make-up, very little jewelry, rarely do my hair), I have managed to have a daughter who is not only girly, she loves everything and anything pink, sparkly, or flashy. So, when her great-grandmother’s birthday package came in the mail, and she opened it up to find THE most colorful, sparkliest, flashiest pair of Twinkle Toes known to man, she was ecstatic! She let out a ear-bleeding squeal that I’m sure caused the dog down the street to start howling.

Aren’t those the tackiest cutest things you’ve ever seen? She thinks they are amazing. She hasn’t taken them off since Friday and I don’t know if she ever will. She tried to talk her grandmother into buying them for her not too long ago and the response that she got from Nana was, “I don’t buy shoes that flash.” Then, they showed up on the front porch in a birthday package from NeeNa (Nana’s mother, my grandmother).

Nana – 0, NeeNa – 1

Besides the shoes, guitar, and MP3 player there was also hula hoops, glow sticks, a bag full of dress-up clothes and accessories, and a new outfit. She’s a happy girl and we have lots of things to entertain us over the next few days, or at least until she’s played with it all once and becomes bored of everything that she owns again. She got to spend some time with her best friends from school, they ate cake and ice cream and had a blast playing on the playground (we won’t be able to get away with playground parties much longer) and afterwards, some of the adults came back to the house for our own little party.

The next morning we were all a little hung-over from cake, ice cream, and staying up too late… or beer, burgers, and staying up to late. Birthdays are fun, but I’m glad they only come once a year. We’ll do it again in September when A-Man turns 12.


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