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Olympic Fever July 27, 2012

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MamaGirl says…

Although we are generally not a sports family, we do tend to get rather excited about the Olympics.

University of Georgia football is an institution all it’s own.

Growing up, I lived in Georgia and being a UGA fan or a Braves fan was about the same thing as being American, you couldn’t really do anything about it, it’s what you were born into. I know people who have rooms in their home decorated only in their favorite sports teams merchandise.

BeeBop is a huge UGA fan, if they were playing, the game was on either the television or the radio, or both. His favorite Georgia announcer, Larry Munson, called the game over the radio and if he could get them both, he would often have the game playing on the television, with the sound turned all the way down, and Munson calling it over the radio.

Atlanta Braves baseball is second on to church in deep south Georgia.

Football season and baseball season, University of Georgia and the Atlanta Braves, sometimes it seemed like life revolved around them and for a lot of people, it did. I never got it. I just wasn’t into sports. I tried playing softball when I was about 10, and that went over like a lead balloon. I couldn’t do anything! I couldn’t catch, I couldn’t throw, I couldn’t hit, and I didn’t run particularly fast. The poor, harrowed coach finally just put a catcher’s mask on me and stuck me behind home plate. But even then, I had to roll the ball back to the pitcher, because throwing it took up too much game time, as someone always had to go chase it down. Yes, I was a sorry sight. And that pretty much wrapped me up on playing sports. Besides, I don’t like to sweat. (I am a fairly strong swimmer though, and if my high school had had a swim team, I think that could have changed my outlook – but probably not.)

You’d think that even though I couldn’t play a sport worth a flip, that I’d still be able to enjoy watching them on TV. I mean, everyone else around me certainly seemed to enjoy it. But I never was able to understand all of the rules of football and watching baseball is almost as exciting as watching tennis. They just go around and around. Over and over. Yeah, I never got into it. I was never a cheerleader. I wasn’t even in the band. I was a Drama nerd, thank you very much. But my boyfriend “played” football and I dutifully went to the high school games and watched him sit on the sidelines. (He didn’t miss anything, my high school never – not once – won a football game in the four years that I attended.)

Hubbo doesn’t get into sports either. Growing up, he was into rock ‘n roll and playing guitar, and little else. So, we don’t know the score of the big game, we don’t know who’s best rated (I don’t even know the terms), we don’t even watch the SuperBowl! Seriously, not even for the commercials. Some years we have an anti-SuperBowl party for our non-sports-inclined friends. So, okay, you got it? No sports going on around here.

But all of that changes once every four years. The Olympics are coming! The Olympics are coming!

I’m SO excited! Can you tell?

Hooray! Hooray! For the next two weeks (10 days, something like that, I don’t know) we will be glued to the television. We will pour over schedules and search channels on the guide. We will have one event playing on a laptop while we watch another on the TV. We will cheer and route-on, we will gasp in shock and awe when an athlete does (or doesn’t) land a perfect score. We will fall in love with gymnasts and swimmers. We will talk smack about other country’s (sorry guys, we’ll love you again after it’s over). I am so excited, I can hardly WAIT for the Opening Ceremonies!

Oh yes, Olympic Fever has struck our house. Now, I have to go familiarize myself with who these athlete’s are, so I know who I’m routing for, and figure out what I’m going to watch when. And as my buddy, Summer, has warned me – there is a big time difference and we can’t have any spoilers going on around here! I want my Olympics pure and unadulterated! Gosh… one might think that I actually liked this stuff…


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  1. diannegray Says:

    LOL! Enjoy 🙂

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