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Live Housecleaning Coverage August 8, 2012

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MamaGirl says…

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Housecleaning semi-finals! Today, we watch MamaGirl take on Kitchen for a chance to clean for Gold! Having worked her way through the brackets, defeating Bedroom and Bathroom, today she cleans for a chance to face off against the World Record Holding Messes – Living Room and Dining Room.

And these are no slacker messes, folks! Living Room holds the current World Record and Dining Room is the reigning Olympic Champion! To be sure, we can expect a fight to the finish from these fierce competitors who will be defending their titles!

Yes, but amazingly, MamaGirl is competing in not one, but two event finals simultaneously! While making such miraculous gains in the Housecleaning competition, she has also worked her way through the brackets of the Laundry competition! Currently, she is in position to possibly win Gold in BOTH event finals – a feat that has yet to be achieved by any Olympian in history, including Michael Phelps.

Live Housecleaning coverage begins right after these messages from our sponsors…


5 Responses to “Live Housecleaning Coverage”

  1. AmandaC Says:

    You are a riot!

  2. beckygermain Says:

    Get it girl.

  3. Good luck in the finals! Break a leg. No, wait, I already did that.

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