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Sharpen up your reasoning skills August 12, 2012

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MamaGirl says…

I may not be the brightest Crayon in the box, but I’m no dummy either. And luckily for them, both of my children take after me in that aspect. Unluckily for me however, is the fact that both of my children take after me in that aspect.

The big one is almost 12, and he’s getting pretty darn good at reasoning and logic. I can’t deny it. The other day, Mags was getting in trouble for something, now I don’t remember what, probably being mean to her brother. And I was in the middle of yelling up the stairs that she better not come out of her room again until I said so, and since I was on a yelling roll and he happened to be the next target in my line of sight, I turned to A-Man and yelled at him too, to go get himself dressed or something else equally ridiculous that he didn’t deserve to be yelled at about, when he hits me with:

“Just because you’re pissed off with Mags doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me.”

I tell you, readers, it stopped me dead in my tracks. I turned, and looked at him. And then, I couldn’t help it, a smile cracked across my face. He got me. He was absolutely right. I wasn’t even mad with him. I was just on a roll yelling. I smiled. He smiled. And as he passed by me, on his way to go do what I told him too anyway (he really is a good kid), I swatted him lightly on the butt and told him not to say “pissed off” to me.

It was a shared moment. He got me, and he knew it, and I knew it too. And all I could do was smile. He out-reasoned me. He defeated my moment of anger with logic. And damn it, I was proud of him. Way to go, kiddo. That’s exactly what I want him to learn, even though I’m not always sure that I’m capable of teaching it to him. You combat anger with logic. You combat frustration with reasoning. It’ll damn sure take down Mom in a quick minute.

Do I want him to employ this new-found tool against me regularly? Well, honestly, no. But the truth

Better sharpen those skills!

of the matter is, he’s growing up. He’s learning things about how to handle the world, and the bat-shit crazy inhabitants in it. These are important skills to have.

I’m glad that school’s starting back in a week though, because it looks like I need to sharpen up my reasoning skills.


2 Responses to “Sharpen up your reasoning skills”

  1. diannegray Says:

    From the mouths of babes!


  2. Julie Says:

    Getting children to do housework is certainly a rare talent I don’t posess so good for you. I try though to instill some sort of values of maintaining some sort of order.

    Thanks for this clever post.

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