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Walk A Mile 2013 May 20, 2013

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MamaGirl says…

Today’s post is about something that happened a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn’t back in the blog-o-sphere yet, a few weeks ago, so you get to hear about it now instead! It’s actually a really cool thing that is totally worth hearing about past-tense.

On April 27th, Our Voice sponsored Walk-A-Mile Asheville 2013.

They got cool swag for raising over $100!

They got cool swag for raising over $100!

Walk-A-Mile is an event in which men wear high heels and walk a mile through downtown Asheville. The men who are participating raise funds from sponsors and, by walking, help raise awareness about violence against women.

From the moment that I mentioned it to Hubbo, he thought it was a great idea, and since it would also be hilarious, he was totally into doing it. I created him a fundraising webpage and we started recruiting funds from friends and employers.

After hearing us talk about it for a few weeks, A-Man decided that maybe he would be interested in participating too. He wasn’t as easy to convince, though. His biggest worry was that someone from school would see him and later make fun of him for it. But when I explained to him that in order for someone to see him, they would also have to be there, he warmed up to the idea a little bit. In fact, as it turned out, he wasn’t the only guy from his school who was there that morning, and all of them were participating. Middle-school-aged boys, dressed in fabulous heels, are amazing! (Okay, any man dressed in fabulous heels is amazing.)


Although it was dreary when we woke up that Saturday morning, the rain graciously held off until after the event. The crowd was impressive. Some of the most amazing heels ever seen outside of a drag show were on display. Together, my guys raised over $200 for Walk-A-Mile and Our Voice. And collectively, over $37,000 was raised for the event!

I was proud of my guys for standing up for a cause that is so dear to my heart. Most of their friends wouldn’t have participated. And if I hadn’t been so gung-ho about the whole thing, they likely wouldn’t have participated either. But they did. For me. They put on women’s heels and walked a mile through downtown Asheville, because it meant something to me. What more could a Mom ask for, really?

And in doing so, they reaffirmed their belief in equality, for women and for all people. They stood up against violence and the pressures of society that perpetuate violence. They raised their activist voices, and placed themselves in the position of the male-feminist. They are male feminists. I’m raising them well. A-Man and I had the opportunity for such conversations as enthusiastic consent and the perpetuation of violence by men.

We had a blast doing it, and when they crossed the finish line, they were both smiling! We can’t wait to do it again next year! And Hubbo says that next year, he’s getting some Hot-Mama shoes! Y’all know you don’t want to miss that!


She’s baaaaaack! May 15, 2013

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Has it really been nine months since I last posted on the blog? The ingenious little tracker thingy that keeps up with such irrelevant (ha,ha! but I just found the relevance, didn’t I?), mundane things says that it has. It doesn’t feel like nine months….

Those of you who know me in real life (whatever that is) know that I have been spending the past nine months deep in the recesses of the local University’s Sociology department and absorbing all that I can of all things feminist. As always, it was a heartily enlightening and educating nine months, but it’s nice to take some time off, greet the warm days of Summer with open arms, upset some earthworms by dragging a hoe through their home, and generally experience life with no schedule and on an as-I-want basis.

I am happy to tell you all that as of the close of the semester, I am now officially a Senior. I’m double-majoring (because it’ll make me more “marketable” <eye roll>), so I still have three more semesters to go, but there is an end in sight and that means that there may still be some slim ray of hope for my sanity as well.

I can’t wait to tell you all about what’s been going on in my life and, as always, share my ever so valuable opinion on all things parenting, pop culture, and feminism. Hell, who knows, maybe this time I’ll keep the blog going for more than a summer. But don’t hold your breath on that. My CPR training has expired.


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